​​Text from an old CV: "Dr. Robert C. Angel was born and raised in the mountainous Fingerlakes Region of Western New York State. He taught Japanese domestic politics and international relations in the Department of Political Science of the University of South Carolina, Columbia, between 1986 and 2008. Angel arrived in South Carolina from Washington, D.C, where he had been President and Chief Executive Officer of the Japan Economic Institute from 1978 to 1984.

           This is the second iteration of the CarolinaConsidered Project website. It's predecessor was far more comprehensive. But too time-consuming to maintain. Rather than abandon the project I've given up on DreamWeaver CS5 and have turned to a simpler approach: GoDaddy's Website Builder. 

The Carolina Considered Project

South Carolina's Interesting People and Interesting Places

          Much simpler, but it too will take some getting used to. Advice and suggestions appreciated. Just use the "contact" box to send a note. Proper colors and design, as well as content, all require adjustment. 

         This is a personal view of South Carolina. Neither comprehensive nor objective. It's the South Carolina I've experienced since arriving here from Washington D.C. in mid-1986. I'm charmed by the State's environment, and pleased to be living here. Though I do try to be truthful in selection and presentation of information. 

          This program developed from the Japan Considered Project. JapanConsidered was a source of Japan-related information intended for American Japan specialists: academics, government officials, and journalists. I included a weekly audio podcast of commentary and analysis on current Japan-related topics. Though discontinued, back issues remain available on the Web at JapanConsidered.com

         CarolinaConsidered is intended more for general readers, like me, than for specialists. And, it won't be anywhere near as comprehensive as was JapanConsidered. I’m just too old, and too busy in retirement, to keep up the pace.